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This site is undergoing a few changes to be more current, so check back to keep updated.  Also note that in the next while we will be changing our look on the web, and we are excited to modernize our web site. We hope to have it completed by early fall.  

CUPE Nova Scotia represents more than 19,000 working women and men employed throughout the public sector.  We are proud to be part of Canada's largest and fastest-growing union.

CUPE represents workers in health care, education, municipalities, libraries, child care, universities, social services, public utilities, transportation, emergency services and airlines.

CUPE members are service-providers, white-collar workers, technicians, labourers, skilled trades people and professionals. More than half of CUPE members are women. About one-third are part-time workers.

Please take a few minutes and check out our 10% shift web site by clicking the picture link just above to the right.  Its an amazing site with lots of information on the benifit of shopping local. Check it out. 

____________________________________________________________________________________________________               Locals on a work stoppage in Nova Scotia. 

 CUPE Locals 227 and 1431 are engaged in a work stoppage.    These 335 inside and outside  workers work at Halifax Water.    Picket lines were set up at 8  am on May 19, 2015.  Local 227  represents 230  outside workers with Halifax Water, while  Local 1431  represents 105 inside workers. Check the panel to  you left and  log in for picket locations and information. 

Halifax Water security more combative.... (an outside province firm hired by Halifax Water firm)


CUPE Local 8920 was out supporting the water workers. Pictured to the right are the CUPE members at the Atlantic CUPE week long school show support. If your in and around the city drop by the lines.  

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________

Check out the Canadian labour Congress Better Choices campaign at this link.  


Advance Notice: CUPE National Convention 2015 

Please join us all at your national convention 2015 in Vancouver. Locals should make plans now with motions at meetings. We hope to see many locals from our province attend and send delegates. We will soon be posting new information as it becomes available. Remember it’s your union’s convention and your locals should be sending delegates.