CUPE Nova Scotia

CUPE Nova Scotia

10% Shift Nova Scotia

CUPE Nova Scotia represents more than 18,000 working women and men employed throughout the public sector.  We are proud to be part of Canada's largest and fastest-growing union.

CUPE represents workers in health care, education, municipalities, libraries, child care, universities, social services, public utilities, transportation, emergency services and airlines.

CUPE members are service-providers, white-collar workers, technicians, labourers, skilled trades people and professionals. More than half of CUPE members are women. About one-third are part-time workers.

Health Care Bargaining

Nova Scotia’s health care system is undergoing radical change by the provincial government. These changes include the government’s decision to move from nine District Health Authorities to one provincial board and one board representing the IWK. As a part of this restructuring, the government plans to reduce the number of collective agreements it negotiates with health care unions by requiring bargaining in just four province-wide bargaining units.

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Update on McNeil Government's latest attack on health care workers

As you’ve no doubt heard, the McNeil government says it is charging ahead with more legislation that attacks the rights of health care workers in Nova Scotia. Read more here.

Letter to Liberal MLA's from CUPE acute care members

Here's a generic letter you can use to write Liberal MLA's about their latest attack on CUPE members.

MEDIA RELEASE: Unions Seek Clarity on Minister’s Recent Comments

Leaders of the four health care unions affected by Bill 1 have written to the Minister of Health & Wellness this morning, requesting urgent clarification on his recent comments that government would accept a model of collective bargaining that would see the lead union in each of the four proposed bargaining units conduct bargaining on behalf of all employees in that sector.

Every dollar spent on childcare generates $2.23 for economy

Public child care is back in the news in a big way, after the federal NDP announced plans to create a million new child care spaces if they form government.  Here's a study CUPE Nova Scotia commissioned in 2011 that shows there simply is no better investment for governments than an investment in quality, affordable, universal child care.

CUPE urges "sober second thought" from CBRM on cuts to staffing and services

The union representing three groups of municipal workers in the Cape Breton Regional Municipality says the mayor and council have an opportunity at tonight’s council meeting to exercise some sober second thought on cuts to transit, school crossing guards and other staff reductions.